12 Step Sailing Retreats 

12 Step Sailing Retreats.

12 Step RetreatOur Sober Waters Retreat offers a unique setting in recovery from drugs and alcohol. We provide daily excursions out into the Mediterranean sea incorporating an holistic approach along with daily twelve step guidance and navigation.

This program specialises in the utilization of the 12 step recovery program. The retreat is for individuals who are suffering from and wish to overcome addictions. Alternatively the retreat may also benefit those who wish to revisit the twelve step program and learn other essential components to assist with their sobriety. i.e Yoga and meditation.

This program “12 Step Sailing Retreat” it is NOT suitable for any persons who are simply looking for a yoga or meditation retreat that is not based around “addiction”. However, should you believe that you may have a problem or maybe developing one. Then our “Alcohol Free Sober Holiday Retreat” could be the answer. Here you will be surrounded by others who are also “in recovery” and the retreat offers an amazing chilled out sailing holiday in a “alcohol & drug free” environment.

None of our sailing holidays are detox retreats which accommodates addicts in the period of detoxification. The addict must be free from drugs and alcohol for a minimum of one month before attending one of our retreats.

12 Step Retreat Yoga

We hold daily mediation and yoga sessions with the end goal being one of leaving you or a loved one having a positive and result leaves you having worked the twelve step program, educated on various types of meditation and having an introduction into basic yoga practices. These three practices being practiced are the most efficient way to maintain a life of sobriety once returning back into society.

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