Sober Waters Retreat Collaborations.

Sober Waters Retreat Collaborations.

We are open to any collaborations that will benefit both parties. Below are a couple of collaborations that we are actively looking for and open to any others that are viable.

Yoga Teachers Wanted For Group Retreats.

Sober Waters Retreat Collaborations We are looking for yoga teachers who would be interested in filling one or more of our group retreats with students looking for a totally unique experience. The maximum numbers of students we can accommodate at any one time is 8 and this could be a lot lower depending upon the students preferred requirements.

In return for you filling one of our amazing yoga & meditation sober sailing retreats, you can expect an agreed commission payment from us. In addition, you will have the opportunity of taking advantage of a free week on board our yacht, along side your students. You will be invited to take a few classes along side our own instructor. Should you choose not to travel and only provide the students then no problem.

JV Partners from disciplines complementing sobriety.

We are interested in talking suitably qualified individuals from anywhere in the world who are in the process of setting up a retreat. Using the Sober Waters brand (which we are currently developing) you will have a unique concept to work with giving you a greater chance of long term success.

I am sure you are aware that whilst yoga is becoming more and more popular the world over. The amount of new yoga teachers is also growing exponentially year on year. As a result more and more retreats are springing up and to be successful retreat need to be unique in order to have an the edge.

In order to be considered by us, you MUST have a database of students who will sign up for the inaugural retreat.

For our part we shall use our IT specialist to start developing promoting the retreat in order to drive interest.

Introducers, Agents & Affiliates

You may have access to students looking for something a little different when it comes to adventure based holidays which are totally substance free. It is difficult to find a holiday whereby all the participants share your interests from yoga & meditation, sailing and of course being surrounded by those who prefer to remain sober whilst having a great time. In return for providing students for our retreats, you can expect to be paid some great commissions for your introductions.

So if you are Interested? please reply telling us all about yourself and your experience.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.