Meditation For Addiction Recovery

Meditation For Addiction Recovery.


Meditation For Addiction RecoveryMeditation can be said to be a spiritual exercise that involves the fixing or emptying of the mind on one thing. It can be an occurrence, a subject or even a dream. Meditation has a lot to contribute, either positively or negatively in the individual’s life. It is an exercise that cannot be taken for granted because of its high effective tendencies.

Types of Meditation and Healing Potential.

Individuals meditate for a whole host of reasons. For example, Academicians meditate on the new subjects or the discoveries they have made in other to fine tune them or for further advancement. Students meditate on what they have read in preparation for the examination day. Religionists meditate on what they have studied in their prayer books for insight and perfect understanding. However, all aspects of meditation involve harmony of the mind and a high sense of concentration. However, creative or nonreactive, meditation can be broadly classified into three categories :

The first is Concentrative Meditation. This involves guiding the addict to have his or her mind fixed on a particular subject or object. The mind of the addict can be guided from negative thinking, a potential symptom of abuse and addiction, to positive thinking. Note, a positive mind is a healthy mind. It comes with inner peace and joy.

The root cause of the addiction which comes from a single to multiple negative thoughts of dissatisfaction, un-wellness, unfit and inadequacies is guided through Concentrative meditation to a perfect state of recovery, healing and wellness.

Repetitive Meditation is the second method of meditation that is widely practiced. This method starts with the Concentrative Meditation and moves further to the repetitive pattern. It takes feelings, especially those that have caused dissatisfaction, which have led to addiction into consideration. It rolls them over and over.

It is like a self examination in deep consciousness; the addict examines his experiences, good or bad through meditation, geared towards a positive mental attitude, healing and recovery.

Creative Meditation is the third form of meditation. This form is closely related to Concentrative Meditation. It brings the thoughts of the addict to a self realization of truth and reality. Discovery of basic truths about nature. It has great healing potentials; bringing the mind to the consciousness of a higher being or a divine source is a swift method of recovery and healing from addiction


Meditation For Addiction RecoveryThere is no form of addiction that can be said to be good. In life, there must be a balance in all that one has purposed to do with other activities he or she is involved in. Addiction can be in the form of drugs, alcohol or other antisocial behaviours and patterns. They come with great pain and frustration on the individual, his family, friends and even the society at large. Addiction comes with great anxiety and uncontrollable desire and dependent on a drug or other substances.

Recovery Processes.

Recovery process for addiction can be stressful for both the individual and his immediate family. It involves money, time and patience. Some can take in the form of confinement as the case maybe. Recovery from drug abuse can be in the form of rehabilitation or the use of artificial methadone. All have huge psychological and financial implications on victims and families.

Recovery through Meditation.

Recovery through meditation has been discovered to be free from the use of orthodox drugs and depressants with dangerous after effects. Meditation has to do with the mind. It is liberal in practice and cuts across every form of addiction. Meditation reduces depression which is a key to addiction. It reduces anxiety which is a gateway to addiction

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