Yoga For Addiction Recovery

Yoga For Addiction Recovery.

The Art of Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient worship art of the Asians that involves the use of mediation, poses and breathing patterns. Yoga originated from India. Today, it has spread all over the world as an alternative to orthodox medicine which are said to have harmful after use symptoms.

YOGA FOR ADDICTION RECOVERYYoga is philosophical and tends to blend the soul, body and spirit through conscious meditation, poses, breathings and exercise. This harmony enhances the hormones, thus inducing a sense of wellbeing and healing. These poses can be in the form of sitting down, lying down, standing, face backward, face forward, arms stretched, feet touching etc. All yoga practices are done with high concentration, a meditative mind and spirit.

Yoga and Healing.

There are different poses in yoga, but all are geared towards a perfect state of wellbeing and healing. Yoga poses tend to bring a sense of harmony to the soul body and spirit which is a first step to healing – harmony. These poses also act as rejuvenators of the hormonal system thus ensuring a balance in the body system hormonal discharge. Healing of the body system from any ailment starts from here.


YOGA FOR ADDICTION RECOVERYAddiction can be an unhealthy and excessive desire for anything. It can be drugs, sex, alcohol etc. But once the sufferer does not have control over his emotions and desire, that thing becomes his addiction. Addiction to drugs, alcohol and sex etc has great harmful effects on the dependant; it can develop into antisocial behavior, and degenerate into dementia and eventual death.

Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms.

Addiction, especially drugs and alcohol come with different forms of life threatening withdrawal symptoms. Drugs like ice and alcohol takes only one try to turn the victim into an addict. The victim or addict will always need another dose of the drug to overcome the withdrawal symptoms which range from: aggression, loss of appetite, involuntary kicking of the legs, uncontrollable headache, seizures, dementia and eventual death.

Orthodox Remedies.

Orthodox remedies vary from confining the victim to a rehabilitation center where the victim is kept under check and administered with depressants, which many believe have dangerous after effects. There is also the treatment through administration of artificial methadone, which is meant to give similar euphoric abilities of the drugs of addiction but without the resultant withdrawal syndromes and dangerous after effects.

Recovery through Yoga.

YOGA FOR ADDICTION RECOVERYMany individuals in recovery have been helped by yoga. This subject has been well documented for those who are prepared to look.

i. The poses and exercises have the ability to replace addictive consciousness and thinking with positive thinking patterns which is a partway to healing and wellbeing.

ii. Yoga as an art has spiritual tendencies that bring about positive self consciousness. This draws the mind to the vats of inner peace. This inner peace eradicates the urge for unhealthy behaviors and cravings, drugs inclusive.

iii. Yoga poses and exercises balances the hormonal system, thus bringing into harmony the functionality of the hormones. This eradicate unhealthy behavioral patterns and addictions.


YOGA FOR ADDICTION RECOVERYBenefits of addiction recovery through yoga are enormous. They range from the healthy and natural recovery process to integration.

i. Recovery by the use of yoga poses and exercises involves a total recovery of the soul, body and spirit. This is because yoga harmonizes the soul body and spirit, bringing them to work in perfect harmony to ensure a balance in the trinity.

ii. Yoga does not involve the use of drugs or other forms of medication that are questionable as a result of their unhealthy after effects.

iii. Yoga recovery process can be practiced from the convenience of the home of the addict or in a special center. It can be supervised or unsupervised once the victim or patient has learnt the basics and is cooperative.

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