Will I Be Able To Party Whilst On The Sober Waters Retreat?

Absolutely not, this is a retreat where drinking and drug use are strictly prohibited. Total abstinence is vital to your experience and to help support others who are also in addiction recovery.

Just a Few Simple Rules!

Any serious infractions could result in a person leaving the retreat, including but not limited to:
Violence or threats of violence.
Extreme disruptive behavior.

We also expect you to agree to the following:
No smoking inside the yacht.
Clean up after yourself.

Can I Choose a Roommate?

Yes, please feel free to invite a friend! Otherwise, roommates will be assigned by me. In the event of a problem or concern, then I shall come up with a solution.


At the time of signing up you will be contacted via email asking for as much information as possible about yourself to help in defining your needs.

Will My Information Be Kept Private?

Absolutely, your identity and any issues discussed during a retreat are held in strictest confidence. All participants will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement ensuring the privacy of other participants on the Sober Waters Retreat. Establishing trust within the group is vital to everyone and I have experience this every week at the meetings I hold in the UK. You may request to use a pseudonym at the time you register to further protect your privacy should you feel it is vital to your participation.