Giving Back

Giving Back

It is our intention to give a minimum 5% of our profits to specific groups who deliver Yoga to those on the fringes of society, primarily the following:

A/ Yoga that specifically targets those in recovery or wishing to get clean.

B/ Any group that delivers lessons for young adults who need to find a different and maybe a new spiritual path in life. In particular, young people affected by drugs and violence.

At the appropriate time we shall seek the above or those Yoga instructors who wish to start the same. We are looking to help pay for the use of appropriate local venue hire and basic equipment purchase to enable the group to get up and running.

Giving Back

In addition, we shall allocating one free place per retreat for qualified individuals who do not have the means to benefit from one of our Sober Water Retreats. The individuals who are selected for the retreats will need to make a positive contribution towards any given retreat that they attend. Further information will be given to the relevant individuals.

So Why Give Back?

It is a personal mission of mine to help other individuals who find themselves in the same situation that I once found myself a few years back. I was very lucky and met some amazing people who helped me through the 12 step program, which has changed my life. It was through the 12 step program that I was introduced me to the world of spiritualism to which I am forever grateful. I now want help other vulnerable individuals, by introducing them to free Yoga and Meditation in the hope that it will give them a new direction in life and away from all the negativity that surrounds them.