Guitar Sailing Vacation Retreat.

Guitar Sailing Vacation Retreat.

Sober Waters Retreats 2018

Are you perhaps in recovery or maybe a person who simply chooses not to drink alcohol? If so, have you found it difficult to find relate to others who are not in your situation? We offer a unique break that is based around music, whereby you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be surrounded by others who understand you as they are in the same situation as yourself.

So What Does Our Sober Waters Guitar Vacation Retreat Offer You?

Well our Sober Waters Sailing Guitar Retreat offers you a perfect chance to relax with others in an active recovery group. One of my greatest fears whilst beginning my journey towards becoming a clean and sober person was how on earth would I ever have any more fun in my life?

I had all the self-esteem issues that stem from with inside some of us. I thought to myself, how am I going to form real and authentic friendships with people like me? More importantly how would I repair and re-build those relationships that meant so much to me?

The answer was fortunately a surprisingly simple one for me. I was guided through the 12 Steps Program and as a result I sought out like minded people left my past behind me. To this day meditate every morning and strive to just do what is right. My sobriety is very important to me and every day I seek seek to repair all the damage that I had created in the past. I have been very fortunate in that my family and old friends have all been very supportive and all the negative people simply have no relevance in my life anymore.

But, making the decision to stop was just the first step of the journey I was constantly reminded that “Recovery is not something you join – it’s a way of life” and I therefore needed an new outlet to replace my past life. I found it in learning to play a new instrument! I had never thought previously thought about playing a musical instrument and it was certainly one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

So Why Exactly Is a Music Based Guitar Retreat Unique?

Researchers have found that one of the major producers of negative ions is splashing water, such as your the waves that splash over the bow of a boat. Your boat is therefore your very own a negative ion generator. Researchers have found that people are much happier when they are close to moving water near a waterfall, a stream or just sailing out into the ocean.

I personally don’t need clinical trials to know that I feel much better when I’m on a yacht. I know that I’m at my best when I’m sailing out to sea when it’s breezy and the sun is shinning.

The normal ion count in fresh country air is between 2,000-4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. However a large water fall can generate over 100,000 negative ions which is quite staggering. On the other hand, polluted air that we find in some of our cities large cities might can have less than 100 ions.

Studies have shown that ions which are odorless, tasteless & invisible can affect how we feel and
positive ions are certainly the bad guys. They cause us to feel drowsy, unmotivated, and depressed.

On the otherhand negative ions reverse the feelings generated by the positive ions. According to researchers at Columbia University who researched ions, when they reach your bloodstream, they produce a biochemical reaction. This increases the levels of the mood chemical serotonin. This has the effect of boosting energy levels, relievgin stress, and generally creating a more positive state of mind.

Therefore our use of ocean therapy together with yoga, meditation etc helps all of our guests from those in recovery to individuals simply looking to recharge their batteries as it were.

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