Retreat Holidays.

Retreat Holidays.

Our Retreat Holidays cover all aspects of healing & wellness through yoga, meditation & bespoke sailing retreats. We provide a balanced holistic spiritual & healing experience in an alcohol free, sober environment.

Retreat HolidaysYour days will be pretty full with your yoga & meditation activities . Naturally you will also have plenty of time to relax and enjoy everything that Athens and the nearby islands has to offer. We shall be visiting some beautiful and amazing greek islands  during the week long long retreat. The islands that will be visiting may include some of the following Serifos, Spetses, Kea, Andros, Poros, Agistri, Aegina, Hydra and the magical Temple of Poseiden on Sounion.

One of these lovely islands that we shall visit is the wonderful island of Poros which is only around one hour or so away from from Athens, depending upon how fact we sail. Unlike many bigger islands, Poros is ideal for people who need to get away and relax. With extremely friendly locals,  it offers is a quiet and cosy experience and perfect if you simply want to take a relaxing break.

Our totally unique and amazing retreat holiday incorporates sober & wellness sailing. It is perfect for those of us who want to spend time with others who prefer to holiday “sober” for whatever reason. You could be a person who wants to experience an amazing holiday retreat, in an alcohol and substance free environment. Alternatively, you may be a person who is currently in recovery and as a consequence want to surround yourself with other people in your situation.

A Perfect Alcohol Free Holiday Retreat in The Sun.

Our holiday retreat is generally based around progressive, holistic practices that include Yoga, Meditation & Ocean Therapy. The goal of which is to bring you more balance and harmony to your life.

Why Our Retreat Holidays Are Totally Unique.

Our holiday adventure retreat is unique in the fact that it was born out of a desire to give those of us in abstinence or those who simply want an alcohol free break in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

It is well documented that Yoga & Meditation have many physical & mental benefits and include – but not limited to the following:

Lowering blood pressure.

Reducing insomnia.

Increased flexibility.

Increased muscle strength and tone.

Improved respiration, energy and vitality.

Maintaining a balanced metabolism.

Weight reduction.

Cardio and circulatory health.

Improves athletic performance.

Protection from injury.

Stress prevention.

Induces mental clarity and calmness.

Increases body awareness.

Relieves chronic stress patterns.

Relaxes the mind and sharpens concentration.

However for some and particularly for those who are in recovery this may not be enough. On our Sober Waters Retreats we create an atmosphere that is both welcoming & friendly.

Therefore if you are serious about investing in yourself then this once in a lifetime spiritual retreat experience is just right for you! Experience an unforgettable intimate & transformational experience in Greece and deepen your awareness of your own inner guru.