Sober Waters Retreat offer alcohol free, yoga, meditation & bespoke wellness sailing retreats. We provide a balanced holistic spiritual & healing experience for small groups. We strive to rejuvenate and improve your general well being through relaxation healing and offer a number of various retreat options depending upon your requirements. A general listing of the Sober Waters Retreats are listed below:

1. Alcohol Free Sober Yoga & Meditation Sailing Retreats.

2. 12 Step Retreats.

3. “In Recovery” Retreats.

4. Executive/Corporate & Bespoke Retreats (including Guitar/Music Retreats). 


Sober Waters Greek Retreat Availability For 2018

1. Alcohol Free Sober Yoga & Meditation Sailing Retreats.

The retreat is generally based around progressive, holistic practices that include Yoga & Meditation plus what we call Ocean Therapy. The goal of which is to bring you more balance and harmony to your life.

Your days will be pretty full with your yoga & meditation activities . Naturally you will also have plenty of time to relax and enjoy everything that Athens and the nearby islands has to offer.  We shall be visiting at least one of these beautiful and amazing Greek islands every day.

2. 12 Step Retreats.

Traditional therapy and 12 Step Recovery groups are very important in the growth and wellness of many of us. Still, sometimes we need to take a step back. Maybe you need time away to look at yourself or to make significant changes in your life. PLEASE NOTE: Our 12 Step Retreata are NOT detox retreats and we only accept clients after an initial consultation.

Retreats are highly effective and complement other therapies, 12 Step Recovery programs and spiritual practices. Our Sober Waters Retreats will help your overall well being through our unique approach and combination of traditional therapy along with Ocean Therapy.

Our 12 Step Retreats includes a daily group discussion to help strengthen your understaning of the 12 Step Program. The result will give you be a reinforced vigor to face the world upon your return home.

3. “In Recovery” Retreats.

Our “In Recovery” retreats are different to a “12 Step Retreat” in that there are no daily group meetings as all participants are comfortable where they are and as a result, simply want an amazing sober holiday experience.

In an article published in 2005 by the National Summit on Recovery it stated that “Recovery from alcohol and drug problems is a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life.”

Moreover, the longer an addict is in recovery, the better quality of life satisfaction, resulting in stress goes down dramatically as recovery progresses. It has been well documented that stress or negative emotions are the number one predictor for a relapse.

As a recovering addict, have you found it difficult to find relate to others who are not in your situation? We offer a unique break whereby you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be surrounded by others who understand you as they are in the same situation as yourself.

Our Sober Waters Retreat offers you a perfect chance to relax with others in an active recovery group. On a personal note. One of my greatest fears whilst beginning my journey towards becoming a clean and sober person was how on earth would I ever have any more fun in my life? I had all the self-esteem issues that stem from with inside some of us. I thought to myself, how am I going to form real and authentic friendships with people like me? More importantly how would I repair and re-build those relationhips that meant so much to me? So how have I addressed these issues over the past 3 years?Put simply, I attended numourous retreats, whereby surrounding myself with like minded people who not only understand me but are on a similar journey.

So if you are in recovery and want to spend some quality time with new friends who understand you why not sign up for the next Sober Waters Retreat.

4. Executive/Corporate Retreats.

Our retreats will suit those business people who wish to experience an amazing sailing adventure based around sobriety.

Whilst we can offer bespoke retreats for specific groups upon request, we primarily offer 4 different retreat options, with each one addressing a particular stage of recovery that a person may find themselves in at any one time.